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Design and project management for cathodic protection and electrical installations

Design and project management for cathodic protection and electrical installations is the initial step for reliable and safe operation of warriors constructions. With the advancement of technology, challenges are increasing, especially with the application of new technical standards and state regulations that regulate the minimum-security measures number of rules apply in modern world for building and maintaining constructions. Related to this facts our design and project management based on years of experience is proven by quality that over many years ensures safety of constructions where our designers have participated. In the first place, the projects of the electrochemical protection system (cathodic protection) are certainly the most reliable measure of corrosion protection of buried or immersed steel structures. Directly connected to cathodic protection projects are various electrical engineering installations of low voltage, lightning protection systems, grounding systems and electrical installation in areas with explosive atmospheres. In any case, through our projects, we offer the latest technical solutions that provide economic efficiency to the user with description for the required functions and prescribed safety measures.

About us

Pavliša objekti were founded in 2007 as prolonged hand of PA-EL d.o.o. which is a leading company in Croatia in cathodic protection for more than a decade. Pavliša objects follow their parent company by designing cathodic protection projects, electrical installations and ex installations. The initiator and leading designer with many years of experience is Stjepan Pavlisa. Stjepan Pavlisa has been working intensively over the past few years to achieve this company's excellence. Since foundation Pavliša objekti have designed more than 400 different projects.

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